Continental Europe Energy Council (CEEC)
The Continental Europe Energy Council (CEEC) is a group of companies with upstream oil and gas assets within the Central-Eastern Europe and Caspian area which aims to keep the regional oil and gas community connected. The Group started its activity in 1994, with eight founding members. It currently has some 70 member companies and the meetings are attended by 160-170 participants. The Group endeavours to cover all aspects of the upstream petroleum business activities within the region and includes a wide range of members – majors, regional players, small and mid-size independents, niche players and start-ups, as well as NOCs and licensing authorities. Guests also include representatives from contractor companies, geological consultants and geoscientists.
The meetings take place twice a year, in early May and early October. Each time they are hosted by a different member company in a different country. The CEEC meetings represent a key event in the petroleum business in Central Europe with a two and a half-day program.

The CEEC provides an excellent way to network, to exchange experiences with other operators in Europe, to learn about operations in the field and about the European geology. It is also an important farm-out forum. The layout of the meeting and its atmosphere have been designed to encourage networking and making contacts and also to establishing areas of cooperation that might lead to mutually beneficial business opportunities – a concept which is much appreciated by all the participants.