Farm in Farm out Licensing rounds

Dinarides Exploration concept

Croatia’s 3rd onshore license round offers 4 blocks in the highly underexplored Dinarides Thrust Belt. The thrust belt offer opportunities that is similar to the acreage that Shell, Repsol, Energean and several independents are exploring in the Albania and Greece and Southern Italy (Val d’Agri area).

The acreage is significant , over 12,000 km² in heart of Europe. Plus Croatia provides the stability and low above-ground risk of both an EU and NATO member and a stabilization clause for the entire contract period.

The tender documentation can be downloaded from the link: The basic exploration concept, including geology, available data and fiscal terms, is outlined in the attached presentation. The total duration of the exploration period could be up to seven years with exit option possibility after 3 years and 5 years. Cost of entry is very low (only airborne grav/mag and probably some regional seismic) and you would have option to study the area that Amoco declared to be very prospective at the end of eighties (no further development since then; caused by war in ex-Yugoslavia)

There is no entry fee for visiting the Dinarides Data Room and investors are welcomed for reviewing all 2D seismic and well data including Amoco Study.

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