Geothermal Energy from a depleted well? Yes!

The second R&D project of Mining Support Kft. has been launched, in which it is planned to reuse inert wells drilled by the oil and gas industry or withdrawn from production for energy purposes. Code No. 2018-1.1.1-MKI-2018-00130 implemented with the support of the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund
In a project called “WeHEAT”, a deep well selected according to special criteria will be transformed into a system suitable for closed-cycle geothermal energy production. The technology to be developed by the Ltd. will be flexibly applicable in abandoned deep holes and will allow the creation of heat generation systems with an average capacity of 3-500 kW. Artificial geothermal system technology will be developed that can be applied to most deep wells in a simple way and with acceptable, competitive cost requirements. WeHEAT systems are a new way of producing heat that is primarily used to heat large and energy-intensive buildings, while heat production is an environmentally friendly, sustainable, CO2-free green energy solution that replaces heating with fossil fuels.
Mining Support Kft. Received a non-refundable HUF 81.84M grant for the project from the NKFI Office.